GCC 6.1.1 fails to build catadda when tiles are enabled

When using the newest release of gcc to compile Catadda, it appears that it has issues dealing with certain parts of the source, namely the sdl version’s tile code.

src/cata_tiles.cpp: In member function ‘void cata_tiles::draw(int, int, const tripoint&, int, int)’: src/cata_tiles.cpp:972:54: internal compiler error: in add_expr, at tree.c:7870 &cata_tiles::draw_critter_at } ) {

Now naturally, this isn’t really a problem for catadda, but I’m not exactly sure about how to go about reporting it, as this is a very large project, and I doubt that the people that work on gcc wish to have to understand such a large codebase in order to fix it.

I’m trying to get it to generate the preprocessed source file for this file alone, but I’m having trouble finding where it placed it.

Any advice would be appreciated, thanks.