Game crash on shift+@

Hey, hey. First post, so I can’t express how much I like the game, it’s simply amazing. Sincerely, I have to thank the developers and countless contributors for creating this piece of beauty. This game eases my mind and actually helps me to get past some dark times in real life.

Unfortunately, since playing for around 2 months I have encountered a game breaking bug that I do not know what to do with. The topic name is self-explanatory of the problem itself, I might add that this surfaced when I was installing bionics, I have quite a lot of them installed, but the previous run I had even more and didn’t experience anything quite like it.

I can play without the character info sheet for a while, but I hope this debilitating occurrence is not permanent for the current world and character I am playing, got a lot of time invested into this one.

EDIT: Oh right, playing on latest tiles build, updated to see if it changed anything, but well…

Do you know what version you were on when this started happening?
Can you post a save file?

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Would you please provide your savegame.

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Yes, of course. Wanted to post it sooner, but was at work.

No I can’t provide information of that version, unfortunately, the previous versions have been deleted and I have no way to restore that.

Sorry about the hiccup there, the forum software was frightened by the file hosting link and flagged your post for review.