Formation Fighting

It would be dope if you could actually issue detailed commands to squadmates and order them into formations like a shieldwall. A solid shieldwall with some pikes behind them would be very nice if you can train the NPCs to fight effectively in formation.

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Would be an interesting idea. Such a system would also make your companions a lot more usefull by giving you greater control of where they go or are in a fight.

Example 1: Group one are heavily armoured and armed melee fighters that engage the zombies only when they get within a few squares of their group while group two is made up of people with ranged weapons that stand in a line to prevent people from going in eachother lines of fire.

Example 2: You get a few of your companions to get on horseback and direct them around to distract and shoot zombies from horseback.

I just wish i could tell them to go to a specific tile.

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Just need a line formation is all to have them hold the end of the road while I venture forward