Food system broken?

I’ve only recently installed the game launcher, so I’ve played on an older version for quite some time. In the most recent(current build: #8880) version of the game I have noticed that either the food and drink status messages either do not accurately indicate the true food and drink values, or that the food system itself does not function properly. In my experience of 10 hours, across 3 playthroughs(I’m a noob, I know), I’ve seen the following: the hunger meter shows nothing for a long time, but displays “hungry” if I eat anything, and then it takes at least 3000 calories to display “full”(one out 3 times, it shows “famished” after just 3 turns. If nothing else seems utterly broken, this should); after drinking 6 units of water, drink indicates “sated”, but , after showing “hungry”, the food indicator also shows “full”; finally, the most distressing, as I said before, it seems that from a yellow status of “hungry”, it takes an upwards of 30 units of food to reach a status of “full”, which, as I’ve mentioned, has a chance to revert back to “hungry” in very short amount of in-game time. If anyone knows for certain, or can surmise something based on more experience and time with the game, I would greatly appreciate it.

Did you happen to search the forum before you posted this? There have been multiple threads of this exact thing.

It’s a work in progress and definitely is still buggy.

Ultimately, this is the best comment we’ve seen about it on the forum, though I’ll point out that this was before the ‘peckish’ status was implemented:

I have, but I must have used the wrong keywords. I beg your pardon.

It was just a gentle rebuke because I see the same things brought up repeatedly. I didn’t really mean anything by it.