(Expterimental Build) Hunger issue

This is the 2nd character I’ve made and I have this weird game-breaking bug where almost randomly my character will switch from not hungry, to hungry, or one of the " sated " status straight down to hungry.

I started a new character in a lab, drank some soda, my food immediately went to " hungry " and drink went to " slated " even though my hunger in the debug menu says 0?

Is this some false-reporting in the new ui? I’ve tweaked and reset my needs and done many things and I can’t get rid of that hungry notificiation.

You have a really weird definition of “game breaking.” Slightly incorrect UI information for brief periods might be annoying or even frustrating, but it’s not “breaking the game.” Your game isn’t crashing, your save files aren’t being corrupted, your character is randomly dying nor losing rare items.

Anyway, under the new hunger system, it takes time for your character to register what they’ve eaten, and yes, there is a bit of a glitch in the UI.

Have patience:

  1. Eat a reasonable amount of food, and then wait a bit for your hunger indicator to settle properly.
  2. KorGenT is working on the issue in response to the non-angry feedback he’s getting, and has already made several improvements to it. This will get ironed out, but the point of the experimental version is that developers are experimenting with it and things don’t always work out perfectly.

It seemed very broken on my plant mutated character so I was unsure if it was a result of subsisting off water alone or some new quirk of a new design.