Food spoilage and season length?

I couldn’t find an answer using Google and the search function on the GitHub issues, but I couldn’t find any discussion on food spoilage in relation to season length. I like the idea of spoilage, but I’m not sure about the 3 year spoilage timer for dehydrated food (on 14 day seasons) versus 3 seasons (on 91 day seasons). I understand that this is code dependent, but are there any plans on possibly changing this? Or maybe making it an option like construction scaling?

I think someone once confirmed that it’s based on the 14 day seasons. I’ve had games where things that were supposed to last a season didn’t seem to (I play with 30 day seasons) but I can’t confirm with any real evidence.

Some of these smarter folks might have a better answer but I’m fairly sure it doesn’t scale.

It is based on real world data, so it’s rounded to 30 days seasons. And it does not scale.

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