Flu shot is a lie

Found flu shot in lab start. Injected it. Escaped lab and then slept in electric SUV. Got flu.

Coughing non stop now. Why???

Geiger counter says radiation level is 0. Playing release 0.D.

Took gamma globulin shot and the flu is gone two days later.

But I thought I should have no fear of the flu!

Flu shot is a lie! Don’t trust it!


I don’t know if the game renders all this, but thre are more types of flu than just what the flu shot covers, the flu shot is just precise in what it defends against and usually has the be updated anually or even biannually because of the gentic simplicity of the virus.

Used flu shot 30 days ago. Got flu today. I think the lab made fake flu shot to secure funding.

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Are you sure it was the flu and not the common cold? Because flu shot gives immunity only to flu, common cold isn’t affected.

Well, irl the efficacy of the flu shot is only about 20%, due to the rapidly mutating and evolving nature of microbiotics, so…

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Wait… cold and flu are different?

Yes they are. Both in game and in real life.
I personally have taken flu shots with each of my survivor that did not die on the first day and none of them have ever contracted flu after that.

Yeah, the code for the flu shot gives you an effect that blocks the flu. Common cold and other illnesses are not affected.
It is 100% effective against the flu, though, so those crazy lab guys really do know what they’re doing sometimes, it would seem.


So I guess antivaxers were right in CDDA world?