Fitting music for Cataclysm

I’m a bit suprised that nobody has mentioned any ‘difficult listening’/‘experimental’/noise/etc.-type artists here. While I certainly wouldn’t fault anybody for not listening to much of it in the first place, there are piles of artists/“artistes” out there that have been releasing, essentially, good soundtracks for exactly this sort of thing.

For example:


Wolf Eyes

Schloss Tegal

…and so on.

As a lot of these guys qualify as ‘fringe’ (i.e. not very popular), I’d bet many of them would be interested in composing soundtracks for the game proper, for little or no compensation.

There are two reasons, first my noise music would probably fit better if the world had been more like fallout pre cataclysm and secondly, I’m didn’t see this thread as a good place to advertise my defunct project.


Whoa, huh? Nice! It’s a small internet out there! Which one is yours? That is, if you don’t mind advertising a little…

I’ve been running a bit of a Maurizio Bianchi soundtrack lately. Not really a good aesthetic fit, I suppose, but it works for me.

[quote=“rayj777, post:43, topic:9765”]Whoa, huh? Nice! It’s a small internet out there! Which one is yours? That is, if you don’t mind advertising a little…

I’ve been running a bit of a Maurizio Bianchi soundtrack lately. Not really a good aesthetic fit, I suppose, but it works for me.[/quote]Okay, grooveshark is down so it is currently not on the internet, will get to locating backups one day or other, the name was “behind a dark screen saver” and we just called ourselves “Fat64 & Zorbeltuss” the song was meant to be opensource (it was coded in chuck) but sadly we lost the source long ago.

Well I’ll see if I can get it up somewhere else then.


Quiet Friends: A 30th Anniversary Tribute to Steve Roach’s Structures From Silence

If you play just for 5 minutes or “a few more turns” with this pleasant ambient droning in the morning, you’ll notice it’s actually 6PM… Magic!

Who says time travel doesn’t exist? Time travel is already here. It has always been.

I find Dark Electronica to work wonderfully with this game.

Panic In Detroit - Cover
Gloomy Sunday - Another cover. I really like their songs when drop the whole gimmick


Organ stuff

Im sure I could pull up more. The important part is to get a disconnect going. Enjoy your work. Dance to the beat of death.

I think symphonies and operas make a great soundtrack to this game, a quick google search will find you some good ones but I especially like Die Valkure by Wagner as it includes Flight of the Valkyries which is SO EPIC to cause wanton destruction in your deathmobile to and honestly Disney’s Fantasia has an excellent soundtrack that includes Toccata and Fugue in D minor by Bach which is also one of the most epic destruction songs of all time in my opinion.

Oh, and the Nutcracker suite in winter time. The Nutcracker is beautiful

I use my pandora channel + adblocker of choice. My channel is full of epic sci-fi/fantasy sound tracks, video game music, some orchestral music, and plenty of power metal. It’s highly curated for stuff that is low on vocals or has vocals that fit most of the games I play.

i dig the fast musiks and all, but 25% of the game is sleep. Another 60% is sewing rags and reading books. :^v

So little combat.

this is all i need

usually open two tabs of it, one slightly more quiet so the sound is more natural

I’m all about -soothing rain-, so keeping this.

Atrium Carceri: Cellblock

It is whole album and it goes really well for when playing game.

i find that the stalker ambiance is good, although i dont remember much i do remember call of pripyat misery had an amazing ambiance when wandering the outdoors, id totally listen too it when playing cdda, either that or unreal world, maybe? i liked the music u would hear on startup

Music for Cataclysm is mostly Sabaton for me. Something metal basically.

streaming radio-- search for drone zone or limbiq frequencies

Loverman, to continue the tradition of me showcasing covers.
Nightmare <-- Theres a theme to these particular songs, enh?
Hiensynty Again detatchment is such a fantastic coping mechanism
Deeply Disturbed, For a lighter message
My sacred path I believe Ive described this song as ‘Smoking a ciggarette while driving 85 down the highway home drunk at 4am with your fiancee asleep on your shoulder and the heat blaring’. o.o
Hello Cruel World You wouldn’t be the worst person at context if you thought this song was written about the apocolypse.
Gothic Girl Its just such a catchy and cheery song about a girl who pretends to be saddeded.
The Whore, The cook, and The Mother By no means their best song, but a solid enough one that offers a less introverted PoV.
Face "Mouth to mouth, face to-face to-face to-face"
Phone Call "I need to be talked to I need to be touched I need you to hold me I need to feel loved"
Standing Less negative vibes, yea?
Who do you love Another cover. And that video is just precious.

Man, this is making me happier. Except I cant help but notice some of the songs I listen to predate me, and most arent from the past 10 years.


erm, This is the cover of who do you love. lol the original is good too

I like to listen to game osts, anime osts, audiobooks or have youtube videos playing in a window next to cataclysm. Basically i am listening and watching things that don’t necessarily fit with cata… but sometimes it still feels quite interesting, and sometimes even funny.

Ties are Broken - ideal when you are left EVAC shelter and begun world exploration

NEO Scavenger OST

State of Decay OST

Fink Warm Shadow

Chris Rea - a lot of song, but this especially fit to Cataclysm

Kansas - Dust in the wind

Also some other music ( themes for Tycoons from Anno 2070, Gothic I and II, Atrium Carceri etc)

Oh yeah. I forgot, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R Misery OST. It’s actually really good.