Fire outside that doesnt go out from rain

Never made a shelter kit. Is it possible to build a fire outside that does not go out from rain? Preferably an early game way. It takes a while for me to find a welder most of the time. I started a new game today. Im testing out my ‘stay in the woods until im not a wimp strat’.

I don’t think so.

I think even a fire in a fireplace goes out from rain.

should add a suggestion on that.

Well, if you can get something to chop trees down into planks, it also gives you lots of splintered wood. Also, if the evac shelter isn’t too far from your camp, but is relatively far away from zeds, the benches give plenty of fire wood. As for the fire cover, I would support it. You would probably need to just make it a construct that has the [INDOORS] or [ROOF] tag, or whatever it is.

That’s what hotplates are for.

i have wood. but sometimes early lighters are tight and its a hassle to relight fires when i need to cook/clean water/craft.

If you build a fireplace in a building it shouldn’t go out from the rain.