Fine-tuning the progression of skill rust?

Is there a possibility we could get a way to adjust how quickly skill rust happens? I’m fine with the concept of skill rust, I just wish I could get it to happen a lot slower… As it is, I find it quite annoying that my skills will start de-leveling after just a day or two of no use, or, at the higher levels, within a few hours. I know I could go to capped, but that kinda feels like cheating.

you can make it inteligence based so higher inteligence make it slower personaly i like capped and it do not feel for me like cheating unlike skill rust off capped will not make you perfect in first aid by using bandage one time in year

There is also IntCapped which i use with acceptable results, but tbh we could use a rework in skill progression.
It just is not trivial at all to set up and balance. (plus it works adequately-ish well)