Fear mechanic

so i was tolld there was no fear mechanic so i desided to make a idea how shoold it be

1.how to triger=is really simple if you ar being chased bi somthing tryng to kill you you get scared and if there like 30 things tryng to kill your fear is higher,the othere way si that you alone in a area like a forest or temple and if its dark you get nervis that somthing is there and noises will creep you out and combining some of them…yea you get the idea

2.efects=so thing you get wille scared:
scared=well…you now how to get it
nervis=wen you sart to realise that somthing is following you


scarycat=you are more prone to get scared and suffer from the effects longer[trait points +2]
Achluophobia=(Fear of darkness)you ar terrefide of the dark you get scared more easilyin dark areas [trait points +1]
Monophobia = (the Fear of Being Alone)you need company werever you go if and NPC is not with you you will get scared.[trait ponts+1]

brave=you ar less prone to get scared and if scared effects last shorter[trait ponts -2]
dark confort=you love the dark and you fell right being in it you ar less likaly to get scared in the dark[trait -1]

thats all i culd think of traits i now there more out there.

note to now=if you have othere traits like the 1 that makes you halusinate you get scared an dothre traits but thats all i culd think of but i now there more so pleas suggest what you think they shoold add