Fastest "Lab Challenge" escape ever

Custom character with high strength, robust genetics, etc.

Wait for game to create world. Sit and wait with anticipation to see where in the lab the game puts me. Zombie scientists? Deep down in the lab?

Hm, darn, the game seems to have hung. Guess I’d better close it and resta— oh wait, there’s a message in the corner. Couldn’t find anywhere to place stairs? Couldn’t find a good starting place for character? “Press space.”

O… kay. Press space.

TADA! You have started above ground. What the…

So… do I just reboot, or take what the glitchy RNG gives me with thanks?

Yeah, that can happen sometimes. I think it’d due to the area you spawned in not having any available labs. It can happen on other scenarios as well, as I recall. Happened to a mall cop start I had a long time ago.

The laboratory particle-accelerated a surface world.

Too big or too small city setting. Labs may not spawn if it’s outside 4-6 range.

Mall cop is the most common I’ve seen this bug happen with. A fair 3 out of 5 times I play as a mall cop, I get the bug that dumps me into a desert or field instead of the mall lol

I usually just reset the world and can some times end up in a mall as per normal. Otherwise I start a new world.

Almost all my playthroughs envolve lab challenge, trust me when I say I’ve gotten real good at it.
Anyway I’ve encountered this bug about 4 times. Usually I restart, otherwise I pretend that I picked the lab escapee scenario and debug myself the skills and mutations I always acquire before escaping.

Congratulations, you got 8 free points during chargen.

On the downside you missed out on all the awesome skills, mutations, and CBMs you could have gotten at the challenge of actually starting inside a lab.

I’d call it a draw.

Honestly, I’ve had two or three lab starts where I spawned on a surface maptile next to a lab inside of a functional and fueled armored car. Easiest lab starts ever.