Faction Camp under siege? - A tiny idea


Faction camps are great for various reasons like storage and productivity, but when I’ve already done the core objectives, it’s just plain as ever (forever).
To spice up the whole thing, building a large faction camp will attract hordes of zeds into that location, and the size of these “hordes” varies by the survival time of the camp…

Just like this RTS game. Damn, picture how great is defending your beloved camp from these zeds!

Is it possible in-game? If so? That would be wonderful :smile:


It’s possible, but I’d have to stop playing Darkest Dungeon long enough to code it up and that might be a long while because even when I stop playing DD, there’s a long list of other stuff to code up.


I know it needs a lot of time to do this, but I felt relief saying this is possible, so thanks :slight_smile: