Faction Camp under siege? - A tiny idea

Faction camps are great for various reasons like storage and productivity, but when I’ve already done the core objectives, it’s just plain as ever (forever).
To spice up the whole thing, building a large faction camp will attract hordes of zeds into that location, and the size of these “hordes” varies by the survival time of the camp…

Just like this RTS game. Damn, picture how great is defending your beloved camp from these zeds!

Is it possible in-game? If so? That would be wonderful :smile:

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It’s possible, but I’d have to stop playing Darkest Dungeon long enough to code it up and that might be a long while because even when I stop playing DD, there’s a long list of other stuff to code up.


I know it needs a lot of time to do this, but I felt relief saying this is possible, so thanks :slight_smile:

One awesome idea. Perhaps, when you get your first horde, it could only be a few “low-level” zombies. As time passed, and the camp got more buildings and NPC’s, the amount of zombies could increase, and stronger ones could show up. These hordes could draw off nearby zombie populations, who would physically travel to the camp. Along the way, wandering zombies and zombie animals could join in, as well as blobs. (They could launch sieges of their own, drawing off local blob populations, or be included with the zombies) Mabey, at a later stage, nether creatures could besiege you. (their raids would not be as large as the zombies would, of course) I looked through the JSON files, and discovered walls can be built around the camp. A barracks of sorts could be added as a potential building (can be done with JSPN file editing), and you could assign NPC’s into a squad there. You could have a (player) assigned uniform, if you wanted to, and orders (protect camp, patrol area, explore/concur location, etc.) You could also have the squad aid you in certain missions, such as killing bandits for the Old Guard, or just follow the player around. Training guns could be added. as well as a target, for ranged training. Sparring could be added for melee practice. Your idea could also help keep the late-game interesting.


Turning the game into an RTS-esque game maybe interesting. Perhaps battles like the 2 towns in The Walking Dead maybe also possible.

Considering 360 milliion people are in north america and this assume nothing come from canada or mexico.

So, with the recent updates, Mi-go Slavers could, perhaps, conduct their own raids against a faction camp?

All well and good but I cannot imagine a camp making enough noise to attract an army until you get to the chop shop, or start with more advanced construction at the very least. Grinders and the contant hammering of construction make a lot of noise. Conversations and day to day work? Not so much.

A failed scouting or resource gathering mission would also be a proper candidate for triggering a horde(adjusted size for camp progression value), what with the damned NPCs being so bloody brainless and leading the enemy back to camp.

Assuming this gets implemented I’d like another ring of overmap tiles to be dedicated to camp defenses so we could at least prepare for the inevitable. Walls, land mine field, pits, other triggered snar or damage traps, etc. I know I could manually configure the things but that’ll take forever alone and another quality of life addition would be to add that to the camp menu of stuff to give NPCs to do.


I’m surprised that no one is saying that this could be a way to expand the Hell’s raiders.

I don’t see why the blob would reasonably besiege a human base, triffids may, perhaps. But I don’t see why the blob wouldn’t just poison the camps water or ignore them for the most part unless they’re making LOTS of noise.

Mi-go too could be an invading force, I think. Gotta have those slaves!

With human opponents you could get more interesting options than simply fighting them off. Maybe you could be presented with extortion/ giving up one of your crew as a slave to prevent a raid. Maybe they don’t attack you beyond hucking some molitovs at your building then take off running?

I’m just thinking an unreasoning faction defense is kinda one dimensional.

I think it would be a great idea, with horde density based on 3 things: Activity coming to and from the base, and sheer number of people within, and proximity to architecture+Mass . Activities like scouting and foraging would eventually leave scent trails if the people doing said missions were not explicitly trained to hide not just themselves from sight and stay quiet, but also to mask their scent.

Although, unless you somehow manage to make everybody in camp mask themselves 24/7, their scent would carry on the wind and the zombies might be able to track them back anyway. That would be where general distance to nearest city/town would come in to determine general horde size for zombies.

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This is planned, inter-faction warfare, bandit raids etc, perhaps mi-go slave raids.

Has been discussed, we have a few ideas for how to implement it.

Looking towards 0.F and further, I can see a lot of focus on NPCs and faction stuff. ( I hope )


Holy crap! That’s awesome :smiley: