External storage not working on Laptop/eBook/smartphone?

Been playing experimental since early November, and ran into something.
I can take a batch of memory cards and download all their juicy data to a device.
Some are corrupted, others arent… songs, photos, and recipes are all there.

But if I want to put all that downloaded data onto anything, ANYTHING at all… it doesnt work.
The external storage options lets me see and select from various memory cards, devices, and USB drives.
But when I select any of them everything in the next menu is grayed out, and I cannot copy to or download from anything.

I decided I wanted to see what was happening and tried digging into the game code.

All of these devices have an action assigned to them called ELECTRICSTORAGE which is defined in a json file listing all item actions… but I cant find what that action actually DOES.

Dug further into the github, found the code for handling electric storage here:

I don’t really know for sure what I am looking at, but at line 8722 I found the function.
It looks like it should be giving feedback for moving books… but I don’t see anything for stored recipes.
Is it incomplete? I don’t use github so I don’t really get how to ask on there properly.