ESC Key Doesn't Bring Up Main Menu

I have looked at the 3 “similar to” topics, and I assure you this is different. In-game, the ESC key doesn’t bring up the main menu. It registers as an unknown command. I never unbound it, and I can’t figure out how to rebind it, even though I do know how to bring up the key bindings. Can’t find it in there anywhere.

I have no clue

I’v never seen the unkown command thing, but, Main Menu should be what it is listed under for keybindings, if that isn’t in there, then either pull a keybindings file from another install preferably clean, or you can check the keybindings file see if there is a line in it for main menu. Besides that I don’t know.

Using notepad++ in mine it is line 188

{ “id”: “main_menu”, “category”: “DEFAULTMODE”, “bindings”: [ { “input_method”: “keyboard”, “key”: [ “ESC” ] } ]