Can't Find Keybindings

I’m unable to find where the new keybindings options are at seeing as it’s longer inside the (?) then (1) menu once i’m inside the game and I can’t find it on the main screen. i’m using 0.C 5814 if it matters
sorry if this the wrong topic to post this in

Hit [Esc] then [1]. There are a couple features that have been moved to that menu.

Thank you for answering my question I don’t think I was even aware of the (esc) key before

Same, I didn’t even know the ‘esc’ key was used in this game except for backing out of menus, and the [keybindings] selection on the main menu is HORRIBLY misleading.

This is really crappy. I had to look this up on the forum just to figure out how to see the keybindings, which should be obvious. Why are there two different help buttons? It was fine before, when you could get there by pressing the question mark key. Who’s the jerk that decided it made more sense under ESC, separate from help? I NEED TO KNOW WHAT THE KEYS DO IN ORDER TO PLAY THE GAME. THAT SHOULD BE PART OF ‘HELP’. Are you TRYING to actively discourage people from playing this game?