Engine power - which JSON file?

please help with directions: i need to find in-game engine specs to be able to compare them and eventually to compile a more complete list than what we currently have on wiki and even in item browser (it lacks power for example). what i’m looking for is exactly the power output i.e. safe/max speed data. i’m ok with checking json files but here’s what i’ve been able to find there:


{ "type" : "vehicle_part", "id" : "diesel_engine_v6", "name" : "V6 diesel engine", "symbol" : "*", "color" : "light_gray", "broken_symbol" : "#", "broken_color" : "red", "damage_modifier" : 80, "durability" : 400, "epower" : -200, "fuel_type" : "diesel", "item" : "v6_diesel", "difficulty" : 5, "location" : "engine_block", "flags" : ["ENGINE", "VARIABLE_SIZE"], "breaks_into" : [ {"item": "steel_lump", "min": 30, "max": 40}, {"item": "steel_chunk", "min": 30, "max": 40}, {"item": "scrap", "min": 30, "max": 40} ] }


{ "type":"VAR_VEH_PART", "id": "v6_diesel", "symbol": ":", "color": "light_cyan", "name": "V6 diesel engine", "description": "A powerful 6-cylinder diesel engine.", "price": 20000, "material": ["iron", "null"], "weight": 110000, "volume": 15, "bashing": 12, "cutting": 0, "to_hit": -4, "min-bigness": 400, "max-bigness": 600, "category": "veh_parts", "bigness-aspect": "ENGINE_DISPLACEMENT" }

no power… am i missing it somehow or is it calculated?

For variable size engines, power is equal to bigness.

thanks but could you explain it a bit to me please? i mean, ok v6 diesel (from the examples above) has bigness in 400…600 range. what does that mean in terms of max speed (probably also 400…600?) and safe speed? also how do i tell the actual power/bigness of a given engive in game without installing it?

p.s. ah, almost forgot: how does the (dis)repair state influence an engine: which specs deteriorate, how is it calculated?

Max speed is power * 80
Safe speed is power * dynamics coefficient * mass coefficient * 80 * ( constant dependent on engine type (gas/diesel etc.) / 100 )

You can read dynamics and mass coefficients in vehicle examine menu. Dynamics is aerodynamics * friction. Aerodynamics are better if your vehicle is thin (vertical, like a bike). Friction is better when your vehicle doesn’t have a big wheel area. Mass coefficient gets worse with increasing mass and better with increasing wheel area.
All coefficients are values from 0 to 1.
The constant depending on type is: 60 gasoline, 65 diesel, 75 plasma, 90 battery, 45 muscle.
If there’s more than one active engine, power of all engines is reduced to 4 / (4 + count - 1)

You can read bigness (and thus power) from the item name: a 1.23L engine has 123 bigness and 123 power.

Power is decreased by alternators (weakly - a truck alternator costs only 10 power) and damage (linearly - 50% damage means there’s only 50% power left).

Damage decreases engine output and generator output. It doesn’t affect wheels, crafting parts (kitchen etc.), structural parts, storage parts or turret (except when they get totally wrecked).

oh dear, this is as exhaustive as it gets! thank you a ton! and i mean “thank you” like in “i’m gonna donate right now” to the dev team =)

p.s. also… this json browser is what i should have used in the first place instead of manually looking through json files, if only i knew it existed!

Here’s a handy tool for comparing item json entries: http://konklone.io/json/

Take the CSV and do manipulation on it in your spreadsheet program of choice.

Thank you. i was looking for this too.