Enemy death message

both from some wiki reading and some game play i have seen some enemies like broken cyborgs are in great pain i think it would be a great lore then if the monsters that are in extreme pain like the blood sacrifice foe comment after you kill them like a fading thank you for putting them out of their misery


Can’t say thank you if they have their mouth stuffed with a shotgun barrel.


fair but might be nice never said it would be every time

It also doesn’t have to be dialogue. It could just be flavor text. When you land the killing blow on a creature you might get -

The zombie slumps to the ground, lifeless.
Attempting to take another step, the wolf collapses.

Flavor text can make good games great and it wouldn’t be hard to churn out several dozen strings of text that would apply to any creature, as well as the additional few for specific creature types (like the broken cyborg). I’d love to see a Mi-go go down screaming angry pseudo-sentences.


ohhh that would be nice

Attempting to take another step, the wolf explodes into gory shreds.

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