Endless weather or Night?

Is it possible to make a scenario have endless weather or night? If i wanted to make a game where it never stops raining? And to add to that, is flooding a thing in the game, possible to make rivers run wild? Is this thing only possible with world settings?

I’m not looking for a water world, but looking into a scenario where the rain never stops. I’m surprised flooding isnt a thing.

I know you can change it in debug so I’m sure there is a way to make it always sunny or always rain. I know for a fact you can just have the game have a set time so it’s always night or day.

Little off topic but it’s in the same line. Is it possible to make the turns pass every so many time IRL? Or is turns a core thing which can never be changed? Asking on part of a thing I am working on as well as for a interesting challenge idea never having time to think always working.

In the settings, general section - called realtime turn progression and set to 0.00.

Wonder if theres a way to make an “rain man” trait that forces weather to rain? I would like to find way so either the scenario or profession removes sunny/cloudy from weather rotation without having to edit world settings or debug

Might be worthwhile to look into artifacts, If i recall correctly one of the boons they can get is increased chance of rain. The code behind it may serve as a starting point :slight_smile: