Elevator should transport every item/creature that is inside of it

Elevators should transport everything inside, possibly even not working due to weight limit. I just escaped from a lab (a mod added one? blue L) by an elevator with few zombies inside of it with me, and only I came out after using it.


I agree with this because I had this issue, but with a NPC. It was in the same type of lab, and quite annoying since that lab was the only way for miles to access subway tunnels.

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There also should be only one elevator, all other floors should show a pit. Powerless controls? Use a rope to travel down.
Elevator should also crush everything on its bottom floor tiles when travelling down :slight_smile:

Its a very sad feeling to take the elevator down just to see a pair of smashed elevator controls when you reach the bottom and the realization that you have to walk all the way to the nearest subway station to get out.

It would be nice to have some sort of work around / warning to this so you don’t take a perfectly working surface elevator down to a set of broken controls.

Yes please! I find that very puzzling/annoying as well.