Electricity and Lighting

Just a couple of loose ideas:

  • Gasoline powered generator, that powers a dynamo

  • A Dynamo that can recharge storage batteries, or act as direct power source

  • ‘Live’ electricity can power various things that already uses batteries (like welder and such)

  • Placeable Lightsources that needs ‘live’ electricity (and possibly cables) to function
    They can work much like fires in lightmap.cpp

Does anyone knows if the Terrain type “EmergencyLight” has any usage in teh game right now?

Already in-game.

Look in electronic stores and get your electronics skill to 10 then build a solar panel, a battery array, and then a tesla Coil.

A tesla Coil? For lighting??

man… people post apocalypse are really hardcore.

Well think of it as an insect zapper, with the type of insectoid life now running (flying) around, you will need something really big to fry them.

Think of it as an improved insectocide. Why chose the method witout smoke?