Does it make sense to put more than 4 wheels on an advanced armored car?

Does it make sense to put more than 4 wheels on an advanced armored car? 5x10 car.

It may help you with rolling resistance, which will impact your fuel consumption off road.

I recommend reading the excelent explanation by mlangsdorf, as a response to my observations on vehicle fuel consumption on the tips thread.

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Close but not quite right.

More wheels will increase your off-road performance in exchange for a slight reduction in overall speed.

Since the armored car started with insufficient wheel area for its weight, and you lengthened it and made it heavier, adding more wheels is probably a good idea.

For wheels, the question is, “when I go off-road, can my vehicle reach and maintain the desired speed”? If you like tooling across the country at 40 mph and your armored car has a top speed of 110 mph and a 25% off-road percentage, then it’s probably got an effective off-road max of 27 mph and is constantly straining to go as fast as you want, burning gas like crazy. More wheels will help.

On the other hand, if you like traveling cross-country at 20 mph, then you probably have a sufficient number of wheels, because your wheel and engine configuration get you the speed you want.


More wheels also gives you some leeway to keep moving if you lose one or two of them.

However, tire damage in the game currently is pretty uncommon unless you drive like a nut. If the game actually had the occasional random ‘Flat Tire’ fault for vehicles, then you’d definitely have a reason for more than 4, but otherwise its mostly just a handling/efficiency decision?

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It’s all about the off-road performance, or if your vehicle is sufficiently heavy and doesn’t have enough wheels, the on-road performance.

I don’t have the charts handy, but I think it’s something like 20+ tons on 4 standard wheels, and you start suffering off-road performance penalties while you’re on pavement, and your off-road speed is basically 0.

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Beware of pits, though, they murder tires and can wipe out many tires in a row. I lost a few once pulling up to my faction camp, when I turned when I was a little too close and some wheels hit the defensive trench.