Does Expanded Digestive System CBM cancel out Carnivore/Herbivore?

If not, I think it totally should.


Idk, even if you do have more stomachs, it doesn’t change the chemical makeup of your mind, predatory or not…

Yeah, it’d be nice to enjoy my stack of immortal frozen toastems as a spider. I’d be down with this idea.

Cerebral Booster CBM? It’s outfitted for human minds originally, so it should work to revert the mental effect mutations I guess?

Well, you might not enjoy it as much, but it still can make other food viable if you really need it for vitamins or health or nutrition.

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I’m not so sure it should. There are multiple differences in length and shape of the digestive tract between carnivores and herbivores (to some extent mutually exclusive ones in terms of specialization). But also different intestinal flora (i.e. types of symbiotic bacteria living in the intestines) and different digestive enzymes genetically coded for by the animal in question.

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One thing that I’m not sure that the game takes into account though - is that specialized carnivores / herbivores should probably extract more nutrients from their respective food sources.