Documentation and Factions

So I thought of a few ideas that would be an interesting thing to play, and realized they would work really well with this game, as this game already has most of the key pieces built into it, and would only need a conversion mod.

Unfortunately either to my own inability to find it or it otherwise not existing, I can not find any documentation on what these monster tags do. I’m sure I might run into the same issue with other parts, but this is a little troubling with the monsters. I understand the terms are pretty straight-forward but that doesn’t help me with how they are all used. For example is species something I have to specifically pick from a list of allowed terms, or am I just making up any term on the spot like a name. What are the special attacks that I can pick from, what do the special attacks actually do, what are all the flags, what do some of these flags mean? You can look at difficulty and say a higher number is more difficult but what does that actually mean, is there any math or reason to determine why something is a 5 or something is a 6. Stuff like that. The only thing I can see that seems to have any sort of JSON documentation is the test_regions.

Now maybe some of the above is explained in the actual uncompiled code, that might make sense, and if that’s the case I could go digging around in there, no problem.

The other thing I just want to be sure on, is that there is no way for monsters to both fight each other and you in certain groups am I right? I “think” the attackmon tag allows them to fight everything around them, but does that also mean they would fight the same monsters as themselves? I ultimately would like to have for example, red monsters and blue monsters coming after you, as well as fighting each other, but not red on red or blue on blue, and possibly groups of monsters belonging to those instead of just the one creature.

Attackmon just means that if a monster gets in the road while it’s trying to get to you they will throw a random attack at it. It has no real AI or anything linked into it other than that.

Almost all of the JSON documentation is in the docs folder. For full lists you may need to delve into the code itself though. Similarly for a lot of the things like special attacks the only way to see the full effects is to look at the code itself.

Right now factions aren’t really supported, no. It’s been on the list for a fair while now, but nobody has gotten around to actually implementing it yet.

Ah, I see the documentation is part of the full compile package not in the regular version. Well then, thank you.