Arbitrarily-Genned Horde Mode

So, the big problem with hordes seems to be that they can’t despawn and go back to roaming after they hit your reality bubble. Unless everyone else has a totally different playstyle that I’ve never considered, as a newbie character you’re likely to draw the horde to your shelter with noises and have no way of fighting them off. So, you make a break for it in the dead of the night and maybe get away. Then you fort up some new place and never get bothered by hordes, ever again, because they’re all sitting around twiddling their thumbs at your abandoned, original home.

This means, unless I’m just doing it wrong, you’ll never get to test a decently fortified shelter against the horde because they’ll either come too early, when all you’ve managed to do is board up some windows, or they’ll already be spawned out someplace and never come to bother you in your superfortified turret-guarded bunker.

What if there was an optional mode where the game tracks how long you’ve stayed in one place to try and figure out if you have a “main home”, and once it reaches a certain threshold (30 days maybe, or 15, or 60, or configurable in the options, or maybe with some RNG thrown in to keep people on their toes), a horde gets genned a few dozen overmap tiles away and told to march straight there and test out your walls and turrets?

AFAIK Hordes are just in their early implementation… But I observed the scenario you mention, the “Big Horde” that appears on spawn and then… Later in the game you just see “size 1” Zs moving around on the map. Maybe all those “single Z” are triggered because of a Bug/Misconfiguration of the system?.

I was highly excited to get Hordes as a way to bring danger to the player doesn’t matter how stealthy she/he was (I was extremely worried about them when thinking on what would happen when you reached the point of moving around in noisy vehicles)… The excitation grown after checking how they could tear appart entire buildings… But after the world evolved, they slowly dissapeared as a “menace” :(.

Never had that problem, then again, I play with random NPC’s on, so there are always hordes traveling across the wasteland chasing down various NPC’s.

When I see that, I just regret so very much that the game have no sound so you cannot turn on you MP3-payer and watch this while listnening to some Yakety Sax.

On-topic, though, if that bothers you, you can try to eradicate that “super-horde” or actively lead it to your fort. Or you may try to reset world.

I have a friend that tried hordes once, but he said that even after he spent days of killing zombies and the tile even disappeared from the map, zombies would still not stop spawning around his base and he eventually had to abandon it.

I don’t know how long ago this was or if this issue has been fixed in the meantime.

I do wish that zombie storms would roll in sometimes later in the game. I’d like to have a good reason to build a fortified shelter.

Likewise. I still haven’t figured out the use of trapping.