Do food items inherit health value's

Are the health values of food items that you cook up yourself based on the ingredients you use just like calorie and nutrient content or are they predetermine by the item itself.

So, if you have a campfire hotdog for example. Does it matter whether it is made from a precataclysm hotdog with mystery meat and who know how much artificial flavouring, preservatives and other chemicals in it or a bratwurst made from organic free range deer meat that you shot yourself.

Many recipies have multiple optional ingredients per segment. What you choose determines its nutritional value, content, and type.

However, for the most part, meat is meat, it doesn’t matter where it comes from, whether it’s pre-canned or shot, and only minor differences persist. Only meat that’s truly different is mutant and tainted meat. Mutant meat you can still eat although it’s really unhealthy, tainted meat is simply poisonous unless you’re mutated for it.

Nope, health is mostly just a random value with little basis in anything, so it doesn’t have any sort of inheritance.


I would expect that food that you grow or gather yourself would be in general healthier than the precataclysm counterpart. On account of much of the food you grow or gather would be without pesticides, preservatives or other chemicals that would be found in precataclysm food. Expecially given that costumer safety was less of a concern in the precataclysm world than our own.