Display rack Z-order

I’m playing with a stationary base (a bunker) for the first time, and now have the luxury of a walk-in armoury :slight_smile: I’ve lined the walls with display racks so I can see what’s there at a glance, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to decide which item lays on top in each rack? For example, I have one rack with HMGs and one with launchers, and when a certain launcher lies on top both racks look identical; it would be nice if I could pick a launcher that has a different icon (to the HMGs) to be on top… I’m using the neodays tileset with CDDA 0.F.

I wonder about that sometimes, too… It’s not just the “most recently placed/dropped item on top” is it? Sometimes that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Now I’m wondering if favorited or letter=assigned items likewise bubble to the top as they do in inventory.

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