Disabling mod in saved game causes slow-down?

I went into my save file’s modlist and deleted mysweetcataclysm mod because the gum spiders were just ridiculous.

Now my game runs slow as hell and I don’t know what to do.

Why did this happen? Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you everyone <3 :slight_smile:

Disabling mods in-game does not delete any objects associated with this mod, so anything already spawned in your world would be still there, but will have no proper definition. When game stumbles upon such object it can crash, generate runtime error with a backtrace and file log entry, enable debug mode with extensive logging to file. If your game does not crash it must be something from other options and they all cause slowdown because both logging to file and backtrace generation are slow.

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Copy pasting my answer from reddit (because why not):

If you disabled it because of gum spider spamming gum webs, now gum webs are not defined anymore but they are still everywhere so it’s probably messing you up. See ZhilkingSerg answer.

Gum spiders spamming webs has been fixed though, they only produce one every 30min now instead of every second, and soon gum webs should be made bashable.

The game does not crash. It seems to only slow down around this one hospital area where there were a lot of gum spiders. I tried spawning an even bigger hospital and more z’s to see if that was the issue but it was not.

What do you mean disable mods in-game? I simply went to the save folder and deleted the entry for ‘My-Sweet-Cataclysm’ in the modlist.JSON file.

Is this not what I should have done? Also thank you for the responses guys :DDD

Also, after I deleted the mod it removed everything in the game associated with it. So, there’s that.

The fact you don’t see it while playing doesn’t mean it was removed from savefile.