Dimensional storage

Request for add to official experimental releases:
A dimensional storage, can be found in labs, need energy to open, a lot of energy, like autoclave. Better work in vehicles because weight a lot.
But not sure how hard is implement a item that consume energy each time you open it.
Also you cannot see or trade items that are inside storage. That is another thing to code…
I know Blaze mod as one, but the mod add too many things.
Also, its feel like is something that fit in the lore. Probably with more restrictions like: “items size is too big for the mini-portal”, something like that.
Sorry for my english.
Please warn me if the post is hard to read.

There is debug storage trait that you can use.

But thats not like cheat?
I was suggesting new content.

They are highly unlikely to ever mainline something like that. However, if you like the Storage Dimension but don’t want the rest of Blazemod, you can copy out the associated records into a separate mod. I don’t have it in front of me, but there should be three separate records you’d need to copy - recipe, item data, vehicle part. You could even put them into the same JSON doc, and just make a modinfo.json to go with it.