Difference between nightly build?

I tried to use the search function but could not find my answer, could someone direct me to a post that tells me what the nightly build is? Just wanting to know the difference between that and the current version thanks. I am assuming it's a test build that has features in it the other does not so players can find and report bugs? Just what my assumptions are but if I am wrong let me know, thanks and I apologize.

I dont use the nightly/Git builds, but yeah, thats what I assume it is, for bug testing. So the next version (0.6) Isnt really buggy

The nightly versions is a nightly build of the git dev version of the game. It allows players to access new content and bug-fixes shortly after they are merged in instead of waiting until the next full release. This also allows for players to discover any bugs that the merging devs have missed while we add new things in.

And… There are generally many bug fixes in the Nightly Builds so I like to think of them as… Often Updates : )

Also, the nightly builds probably often break saves!