Jabberwock problems

No matter how many times I reset my game and get new saves, since I downloaded 0.6 I cannot stock running into the jabberwock right outside my evac shelter. I cannot outrun it no matter how hard I try and there’s no killing it… anyone else having this problem? Happened to me 5 times in a row so far lol

There’s a commit that makes them massively rarer, but I’m pretty sure it was after 0.6.
Play the Nightly build.

how buggy are the nightly builds? are nightly builds save game compatible?

Smash a bench, grab the splintered wood, drop it at the Jabberwock’s feet, light it on fire.

Generally not much more then the official releases (occasionally we get a serious bug we missed when merging, but usually those are addressed pretty quickly). In fact a lot of the time the nightly builds are probably less buggy (since we’ve merged a lot of bug-fixes).

As for save compatibility, they are getting better, but we still tend to break save compatibility every few days. If you don’t want to deal too much with save compatibility I suggest that you only update when you get tired of a given world.