Did I just find a cursed weapon?

So I just found this weapon in a museum, along with a Arming Sword that has the text describing it as “this sword was not made correctly”. I presume the arming sword is just a poor quality weapon, but I was wondering if there is something more to this wakizashi? Like if its cursed or something.

I think it’s because it’s made out of Budget Steel, which is worse than the standard (Normal steel, not the dull replica) version.

You have stumbled across a replica of the almighty wakizashi. It isn’t cursed, but is poorly made and has significaly lower stats than the real deal.

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its less cursed more a knockoff blade you find three kinds of weapons like that a knockoff. a poorly made/maintained real version and a normal version of the weapon. like a cheap mace. a lowquality but real mace and of proper mace