This is a pretty simple suggestion but one that might be pretty interesting nonetheless.
There should be diaries that you can write in to document your adventures for each character, and then when the character dies and your next character stumbles upon it you can reminisce on your previous characters adventure.
Also later on when NPCs get more complex they can also have diaries either with their personal records(like dwarf fortress legends mode where you can read on where they’ve been, who they killed, etc.) or perhaps other randomly generated stories.

I like the idea.

I love the science logs in the labs , but when everyone has a diary in their pocket , it’s just not the same.

It would be epic to have a gigantic database of random diary entries/scribbles that players could very rarely stumble across.

It wouldn’t be too difficult to add into the game, either. After all, it’s just an item with writing. Adds flavor, makes the game livelier… I’m all for it.

We do have a large lore writer base IIRC. They might feel up for it. I personally like it, as long as people dont have the same diary entries. (Maybe make a list, and every time one of the entries is used in a diary just take it off the list.)

Heck, I’ll do the diaries if they get added.

Yeah, same. It’d be awesome to write stuff that actually gets included in-game.