Deflect/block projectiles before "hit"?

I’m trying to make a feature that can deflect/block slow projectiles such as feral human’s rock throwing (like some fancy martialarts).
Mainly to prevent my backpack getting destroyed by rock throwing (no matter how heavily armored I am), i.e. to neglect the damage before reaching the backpack armor layer.

I tried to use the base of Active Defense System bionics, which absorbs a certain amount of damage. Also tried to make a fake item armor with outmost “aura” layer.
But both methods does not check if the damage comes from a projectile or a melee, only damage types (and the rock throwing damage is somehow “bash”).
Also the message would only show “the shot reflects off your torso” when the projectile is prevented in this way.

Any idea to implement a feature specifially prevent weak ranged damage before reaching armor layers? Preferably with independent messages.

maybe you should be able to dodge a slow projectile like a rock or arrow.

Do we already have dodge for slow projectiles?
Where are the dodge check for projectiles located?

I think dodging a projectile has something to do with the overall reaction score of your limbs, specially your torso. Funnily enough, there’s actually a way to make your character able to dodge even CROW’s projectile by exploiting that fact.

EDIT: Oh wait, I think such limb scores didn’t exist 10 months ago, woops.