Deathmobile Building Questions

So, I have the resources to make an Upgraded Solar Array, and before I did I wanted to ask a few important question. First off, do they still work, and second off, are they worth it? I happen to have two spots inside my new Deathmobile (aptly named the “Claw of Chaos”) where I can put a Solar Array, and the vehicle has a very high electrical demand. Is this plan something that will bear fruit?

EDIT: Changed the name of the thread to make it a general thread about building Deathmobiles.

Yes they work, but you can’t place them on a tile with a roof. I use them to make portable solar generators. For electric bikes.

Ah, thanks. This is a game changer, because my Deathmobile takes energy like crazy.

I have four, they work pretty well. Amusingly, they don’t take the on-roof slot, so solar panels and turrets can be mounted on top of them.

They don’t take the on roof slot because a roof can’t be mounted on the same square. It essentially is a 3 meter tall array that unfolds into a 3x3 grid (which doesn’t actually, it’s just flavor text). Interesting note on mounting a turret in it, since turrets can also be mounted on the roof.

So, I recently found a thing called the “Icy Sea Skimmer” made from 40’’ Gelaciers. Are these what they sound like?

Sounds likes blob parts from either the vehicle pack, cata++ or pk’s.

They are in fact Blob Parts. I was wondering if I could use them to turn my Deathmobile into a Death ATV (because Water totally counts as terrain, right?).

Personally I’ve only mounted arrays on stationary vehicles/bases.

Okay, new question: Does adding multiple engines still decrease fuel economy?

At the very least, increasing weight ought to decrease fuel economy. I don’t understand engine code, so I could be wrong.