Data File formatting guide! Want to do basic modding? Look here:

Hoping we can get people together to do a basic data file guide, containing all the info people might want to know to add stuff to the game! As we collect information, I’ll try to add it to the OP, and eventually I’ll sticky the thread.

[size=14pt]Before we begin, check out the Code Doc File[/size]. This file contains most of what you need to know!

Hopefully, things brought up in this thread will be things that need to be added to that file, and they eventually will be.

Recipe Format has the following not mentioned in the file
“id_suffix”: “uncraft”, //Optional. I don’t know what this is
"skill_used": “fabrication”, //Optional if difficulty is 0. The skill trained when this craft is attempted, and the one that factors into difficulty
"requires_skills": [ “survival”, 1 ], //Optional. These are skills that are not trained by this recipe, but that the character must have to attempt it
"time": 500, // How long the recipe takes. Not sure about scale, should be specified in file
"qualities":[ // Optional. A list of properties that items may possess, which are required to craft this recipe
{“name”:“CUT”, //Name is ALL CAPS and is the id of the required quality
"level":1, //Optional. Level indicates the minimum how good at this quality the item needs to be. Just leave at 1 for now. Defaults to 1.
“amount”:1 //Optional. Since one item can meet multiple quality requirements, if you need multiples of a given quality define it here. Defaults to 1.

You might want to start with the stuff in CODE_DOC/JSON_INFO. Some of it might be a tiny bit out of date (if anyone wants to update it feel free!) but it should be mostly right.

Didn’t even know that file existed, hah! Well, I guess that’s why I started this thread, to find out things like that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess this thread can be used to figure out what in there needs to be updated then.

OK, I’m perfectly willing to rebuild the MA if there’s documentation for how to go about it. How are the new MA JSONs set up? How about the mutations?