Custom professions

Can anyone maybe give a good example of how to make a custom profession that would show me how to make it give me certain items, a fixed number of bullets or just how to quantify the items without having to copy paste it 50 times, and how to add multiple skills cause i think i messed that part up and now the game wont start.

You should look at the existing items in the .json files in the data folder.
It would give you a good idea on how to do it.

Here’s my modified version of the Mechanic profession, which has 1 skill pt each in Driving and Mechanics:

{ "ident": "mechanic", "name": "Mechanic", "description": "You've always loved cars. You start with a wrench, hacksaw, toolbelt, and\nsome car-related reading material. You also start with 1 skill\neach in mechanics and driving.", "points": 2, "items": ["tank_top", "jeans", "boots", "beltrig", "wrench", "hacksaw", "mag_cars", "manual_mechanics"], "skills" : [ { "name" : "mechanics", "level" : 1 }, { "name" : "driving", "level" : 1 } ] },

Oh yeah those whole item lists really helped, thanks for that :smiley:

Also thanks for giving an example of the skills part, after some time realised that i was missing a , after the item line :smiley:

But yeah thanks guys for the help :slight_smile: