Current Equipment Challenge!

Considering I just got back from the gym, I still have my motorcycle gear near me so i’ll bite.

What’s on me:
Comfortable slim jeans and boots, socks, boxer briefs, t-shirt, smartphone, wallet.

What’s near me:
Motorcycle gloves and helmet on my table
A Tough leather jacket, with plastic padding inside (Bonus morale for extra style) draped over my swivel chair.
Duffel bag full of smelly clothes, bokken (Kumdo practice), aluminum bat, Styrofoam box with food, deodorant, coffee mug with water, empty powerade bottle, consoles, computer, and TV monitor, binoculars, pocket knife, sunglasses, notebook, lip balm.
Messenger bag full of assorted school crap.

If you’d really allow it, in my closet is my hiking gear full of assorted innawoods stuff.

If it’s what I’m wearing right now I’m hosed. Boxer shorts, laptop, blanket, 2 pillows. Yeah, just after waking up WOULD be a terrible time to do this challenge. However if it’s what’s within grabbing distance…I’ll just hit the highlights.

2 backpacks
Duffel bag
FNP .45
300 rounds .45 ACP
.454 Casull
100 rounds .454 Casull
Cigarettes (10)
Lighter (50)
Hunting Knife
First aid kit
6 Bandages
Combat boots
Ample clothing

And that’s just within 5 feet. If I take two steps into the closet or bathroom I get access other useful kit.

Sadly guns are illegal here in Korea, so the only real way of me obtaining one is through police or military. :confused:

Of course, game logic dictates that you can still kick plenty of ass even if your starting loadout lacks guns. XP

Well, if game logic dictates things, I should download martial arts training manual thingys off the internet, print them, and when the apocalypse hits even my arthritic body can become a melee demigod after reading them for a few minutes.

Game logic also dictates that you should avoid other survivors like the plague because they all want you kill you, burn your house down while killing you, then get killed trying to punch a moose to death.