Current Equipment Challenge!

I could make it more of a challenge by only including clothing and EDC stuff, minus the pack.

By the way, we lack light single-sling packs. :V

No grabbing distance stuff people! only things that you currently wear and what’s in it. I got a duffel bag at my feet (when I did it) but that wouldnt be much of a challenge so… xD

Does it count if you actually do carry your pack with you whenever you go out? ;A;

If it would make a good story then go on ahead. as for me I just went full retard going for the booze so no story to be told. only lessons xD

I only wore my undies when this thread was started. Stop QQ ing >.>

Fiiine. ;A;

So if I pared it down to other EDC stuff it’d be…the usual clothes, steel-toed boots, my hat, watch, wearable flashlight, cell phone, pocket knife, and lighter. Not counting keys and such that don’t exist in-game.

I do carry two laptops in a backpack every day so I’m still going to go with that when my current character dies.

Hmm. Still, we could use a backpack in between the messenger bag and backpack in terms of storage and encumbrance…

Awh, my survival odds have dropped. Now I just have JAMMIES and MACARONI.

Underpants,briefs and t-shirt.Not having storage space sucks.

My undies, a pair of cargo shorts, and a t-shirt. Got a nearly dead PDA with flashlight app in my pocket though, so yay for that?

Alright, I’m on break at work so here we are:

Cell phone
Flannel shirt
Under shirt
light jacket
boxer briefs
hard hat
Safety glasses
hard hat
utility vest
tool belt
Xacto knife
2 bottles of water
cooler, which is not a thing in cata but I have it
Light gloves
Leather belt

I think I’d be okay.

Just after waking up would be a bad time for this challenge. o3o

Cute idea.

As per description - an unremarkable set of clothes.
Jeans, tshirt, jumper (sweater-style), hairtie, earrings, undies and bra, 1x rag

Just clothes is a bit boring though. Might try stuff I carried home as per 10 mins ago, as a more interesting and easier variant. )
+boots, socks , Messanger bag, extra tshirt, phone, watch, keys, umbrella, bucket hat, aerosol deoderant, science ID card (yay), notebook (science notebook? lol), paper scrap x2, plastic scrap x2, pen x2, rags x4, drawstring bag, plastic coffee cup, peices of paper x10

I need to clean my bag.

Got killed by a moose outside the shelter - so I’d probably last about 3 mins :slight_smile:


You have science? What kind of science do you do? XD

Meanwhile, if the number of tourists outside my house is to be utilized, I’m trying a surrounded start next. Last time I just died because of a cougar. All my blood fell out!

Shirt, shorts, and no footwear. So clothes-wise I’m pretty screwed. Got a pocket knife, lighter, pack of cigarettes, and a walking cane though. And a wrist watch, and a laptop.


Ripped military cargo shorts (FTW!)
No footwear

Half empty pack of tobacco (but hey, it’s 50g pack!)
Pack of cigarette papers

also one seriously used paper handkerchief.

I’d be fine for a bit I guess, at least I would be able to smoke longer than most of you 8D

Joke’s on you, I don’t smoke! >:D Wait, shit. I start with 20 adderal. WOO!

(pre-note added later) I was working from home… on lunch was reading this.

I am wearing: T-shirt, socks, corduroy pants… *cell phones goes BEEEEEEEEEEEEEERPA few hours later The warning was a Tornado warning, 6 miles away and coming my direction… For those outside the United States. Watch, possible. Warning, it’s been seen

I wanted to be the fool outside watching for it. Responsibilities first, I gather the dogs inside and crate them. , make sure the barn stall doors for the horses were secure. Anything that could easily blow away wouldn’t. Turn on the TV in bedroom to watch the radar and pickup my laptop, and inform my manager I may be offline due to a tornado warning. I attempt to work and watch TV and listen.

Only to receive about a dozen plus IM’s from co-workers who said “are you working from home a tornado is coming your way!!” and then “are you there?”

Not sure which direction it went.

Oh yeah, it’s booming again outside… just a ‘watch’.

So why are tornado’s not in this game :stuck_out_tongue: be a fun challenge