Curing infection in current version?

Doing RBD and need to cure infection. I found a med kit but apparently the only option is to disassemble it into mostly useless items. Is the only way to cure infection now either royal jelly or antibiotics?

infections are more deadly now, antibiotics give you much higher chance of curing the infection over time, some are better than others and there are now low end antibiotics that spawn in bathrooms, no longer is that kinda thing instant, however disinfectant will clean wounds that would otherwise /become/ infected later.

So is RBD pretty much impossible now?

You’re fine if you find the less powerful antibiotics that are in bathrooms, it’s supposed to be a challenge of course, :stuck_out_tongue:

I think my infection just went away on its own. Weird…

Nothing weird here, every turn while you are infected there is a tiny chance the infection will cure itself. It just looks like today is the day the RNG has smiled upon you :wink:


What is that chance and given that infection lasts about a day before you die, what are the chances of an infection curing on its own vs you dying?

I can’t recall the exact numbers, but they are far too small to be relied on. I’d say you will only get saved by it once in a blue moon.