Crouching should improve aim, firing with low stamina should decrease it

just what it says on the tin. I was crouching earlier to avoid being spotted by a boar I was hunting and as I was lining up my shot I couldn’t help but think of how funny it was that standing and crouching offered no difference in accuracy. I got me thinking of other ways to make the shooting mechanics more realistic since with alot of the new features in the latest version seem to focus heavily on realism.


Just going to point out: as someone who hasn’t done much shooting, I find it harder to shoot from kneeling/crouching than either standing or prone. I can definitely see that kneeling might provide better stability, but it’s just always been such an awkward position for me that on the rare occasion I’ve had the chance to go shooting I’ve avoided sitting in a low crouch or kneeling for that exact reason. There doesn’t seem to be much of a good place for me to put my arms, and my balance is way off, I usually don’t get much better accuracy on any shot after the first. Maybe I just don’t have enough practice with it, IDK. I am absolutely in agreement that firing with low stamina should decrease accuracy though, if it doesn’t already.

It’s definitely not a comfortable shooting platform, by any means, but if it actively makes you less stable you’re definitely doing it wrong. The tricep of your leading arm, the one supporting your rifle, should ideally be resting on your leading knee for stability, or your elbow should be planted in your thigh if the shot requires more elevation.


on second thought, it might just be that my knees are fucked. I don’t know how i didn’t notice earlier but I tried just dry-firing an air rifle of mine and I’m realizing now that my legs shake while they’re bent.

I knew I’d injured them skiing and it never healed right, but I just now worked out that I can’t put weight on my leading leg without it wobbling

And part of the issue is definitely the fact that I hardly ever do it, but That was already a given, seeing as I mentioned that.

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maybe a bonus to aim stabilization speed?

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Do you think there would be a higher penalty to shooting on full auto though? I feel like you would be more stable, but depending on how you are crouching your legs are more likely to not be spread out enough in a way to absorb the recoil of repeated shots well. This is coming from someone who has very little shooting experience though, so this is just me theorizing.

You mean, as opposed to standing? Certainly not. Crouching lowers your center of gravity and gives you an additional point of contact with the ground; that’s part of how it makes you more stable when firing, in addition to allowing you a platform upon which to rest your supporting arm.

technically there is. from what i’ve seen 1/3 or 1/5 shots hit on auto. In real life only 20% of shots actually hit their mark with automatic weapons

I think there’s enough difficult on Cdda weapons. Like the incredibly underpowered pistols cartridges (principally the HK 4,6x30mm and the FN 5,7x28mm. The .22 LR then, we don’t even talk) the incredible difficult to find ammo, the makeshift ammo is trash with powder, and so on. So I just wanted to say is that before trying to put more difficult than already have, We should do a firearms overall. (Please note that I love this game and I’m not criticizing the devs choices I just want to help improve this incredible game. Also I don’t have played it since Danny)