Crazy idea about adding various USA states

Perhaps, and I don’t know code-wise how feasible this might be, but could there be a way to have a chance to “cross over” buildings into other areas? The way I’m picturing it, say you have a residential sector but there’s a maybe 3-5% chance one plot within the sector initializes as another sector type. That way you might find a hospital inside a residential zone or a church in a business sector, etc.

Again, I don’t know how easy that would be to code in, but it would mimic a lot of older cities, where a church/cathedral was build decades ago but as time marched ever forward, malls popped up around it, a bunch of land was bought up nearby and an airport was constructed. Now you have this structure that’s completely out of place simply because it stood the test of time.

I’d really like to know how this was generated

And is it possible to make a tool that allows you to manually import GIS data based on how the map of Massachusetts was generated ?

Yes, i is possible to make a tool (a set of tools actually) to import GIS data into Cataclysm.

That site was generated using GIS datasets from and rendered with and some other custom made scripts.

Modified GIS data was put into database - This database can be used to generate overmaps for Cataclysm using this Excel file with formulas - (output is in AW:AW column on data sheet should be put to your savegame - e.g. o.0.0 file).

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Be warned, if that’s the database I’m thinking of, it’s gigantic.

That would be awesome, is there a playable PR using this map? I live right on the cape cod canal :wink: Would be cool to hole up in my neiborhood!

There is not a PR, but I believe @ralreegorganon has a build lurking somewhere, IDK about playable though, it might be a map with no monster placement, and I think a bunch of the buildings probably won’t spawn anything.

There is no PR yet, but you can create a savegame using MA map- see Crazy idea about adding various USA states.

@kevin.granade @Zhilkin
Well without spawns and empty houses there is little gameplay :wink: I do hope that this is a continued effort to make this work though. Thanks for the heads up!

Items and monsters are spawned there. There is just a little variety of overmap terrains used, but you can add more to Excel file and regenerate map with more buildings.

Cool, thanks, i just might try that out just to see how it all looks…assuming i understand what to do, probably not though so ill likely be back to bother you after i fail to get it sorted out :wink:

Yeah i always imagine im in other places besides NE. I mean when you die is says lost among the billions. pretty sure there arent billions in New England. So its assumed to be world wide.

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What is this now.
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He does that. It’s his thing. Humor him.

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He can do his thing in general chatter, but it’s off-topic and inappropriate inside the Drawing Board subforum.


Hey all, apologies for my raucous behavior with the off topic posts and thank you Hoff, that is an accurate description of me and good advice, lol :slight_smile:
But I do agree with the authorities on this matter, I didn’t keep the forum rules in mind at the time of my posting and the community did treat me kindly and justly on the matter. :+1::+1:


this looks awesome, i’m gonna love this when it’s ready i think, i hope though that even once you get past the “pre-made” area that highway connections to/from each city are made for the most part, that’s easily my main gripe about mapgen currently is that you’re really just feeling around in the dark with no good way to tell where the next town or city vaguely is.

bit of a shame that doing it properly is being given up on, but oh well.

if people really don’t want to give up on procedural why not try literally reading all the data needed from a source like google maps? would be neat to play a game with a 1:1 (scale, but still) map where you could literally go find your own house and it’s not like the data isn’t being prepared, harvested and arranged already, just who knows about getting it.

of course literally all of it would be static in that case though.

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I think we shouldn’t take New England to mean England.

Now THAT could make for an interesting mod.

This is all really awesome! I wonder if there’s a way to leverage the data we have to create more realistic procedural map generation. My first intuition is using machine learning (like a GAN) to accomplish this but that’s probably pretty far outside the scope of the game.

Also I realize I’m reviving a very dead thread but I figured it’s relevant now with PR #56778 having been pushed just hours ago at the time of writing.

Man I always imagined a Florida edition of cataclysm complete with oceans and highways.

That be all I want just massive highway roads I could drive right to the ocean and can mess with a boat and islands even

Maybe new fruit trees like the orange tree and a hot summer and really nice winter season

And Alligators, iguanas, new tropical fish

If you drive north you would hit a wall something to keep you in Florida man

Hell a new feral zombie the ‘Florida man’ With everything possible as gear