Crash in FEMA camp


In experimental build 2217, entering a FEMA camp seems to have a small chance every round to crash the game. I cannot isolate what it causing it, but twice in a row spending 20-30 rounds near a FEMA camp caused a crash (that is, “cataclysm has stopped working” and it exits out immediately randomly after a round).

I’m sorry I don’t know any more about what might be causing said crash, but let me know if there’s anything you suspect that I should try.

From about version 2211 to 2217 there was a crash present when monsters that had been transformed (through blob, fungalization, or a few other things) tried to use their special attacks. Try updating to the latest version and see if that fixes your problem.

There were blobs in that FEMA camp, a couple of em, so I suspect that might’ve been what happened. Either way, in the latest build, it didn’t happen when I hoofed it into the FEMA camp again.