Crash debug.log: Empty locations for group GROUP_SEWER

Hey folks,

Encountered one of my first crashes in a long time. debug log spit out lots of lines like this one:

18:19:43.31 MAP : src/map.cpp:7194: Empty locations for group GROUP_SEWER at uniform submap 7,9,-3 global 3451,345,-3

And this one:

18:22:58.11 GAME : GROUP_ANT: invalid population here: -1.73252e-017

I’m guessing “1.73252e017” isn’t supposed to be a number generated? That’s… -0.0000000000000000173252? A quintillionth?

Oh, this is on 0C 5302 (17059-g8ac27f9)

Looks like an overflow to me.

No… wait that doesn’t make sense that means the population was 1.73252e-017 -1 or something before. It must be something else. I guess a value that is not properly initialized/loaded/etc.

What kind of locations were in your reality bubble at that time (around 5 map squares around you)?

Not sure about structures around. I was rolling along into new area driving with 5 held down. Want able to find again when I re-loaded.

Assuming this was ‘wasn’t’ right?

Right, didn’t proofread myself on mobile.