Crafting system where the finished Items stats are dependent on the materials

Crafting system where the finished Items stats are dependent on the materials used.

I’m picturing that this would be SOMEWHAT similar to the crafting system in ‘Thea: The Awakening’, but only in that using leather instead of wood, or steel instead of bone would have an impact on the quality of the finished product.

For example, if I were to make ‘fletched small game arrows’ in the most recent experimental version; I would have to choose between bone and scrap metal for the arrow head. I would imagine that the scrap metal would do a bit more damage, and the bone would be a bit more durable.

I see there being fewer different recipes as well: ie. wood arrows, steel arrows, plastic arrows.

there would simply be ‘Arrows’ and you would choose your desired material.


So we would have ‘Giant Ant Bone Arrows’ or ‘++(K)Army Helmet’?

Its my understanding that the crafting system is too rigid to pick out these details without a specific item or recipe that produces/uses these materials. And while Id prefer more ‘realism’ (and the diversity where it mattered, say grounding a metal spear against a shocker brute) its something that will be low priority or shuffled into a rework of crafting as a system.

But, sure, I could go for a ‘Zombie Brute ([sup]♀[/sup]) Bone mace’ that, upon looking at, would say ‘This is a Zombie Brute ([sup]♀[/sup]) bone mace. It menaces of scrap metal spikes, and is decorated with loops of Ali Mcbiel Bone, Torid Bandit Bone, and banded with rings of diamond. On it is an image of Actual Cannibal Shia Labouf and a human in bronze. Actual Cannibal Shia Labouf is running on all four legs. The human is in a fetal position. The artwork relates to the striking down and devouring of the human by Actual Cannibal Shia Labouf in the fields of 0’14’24’ in Day 14. :v

I was thinking more that a bone arrow would display in your inventory as a ‘bone arrow’, but if you actually examine the item, THEN you’ll see what it’s made of and some flavour text. I thought that might keep your inv screen a bit cleaner.

I wanted something like that, too. I believe the problem is that it’ll either start cluttering up the inventory MORE (with different arrows and items), or it’ll necessitate a way to differentiate items within a stack. Possibly as a switch for inventory view, a-la “condense similar items”, which is on by default, and you can turn it off to pick out stacks of identically-made items out of heaps of items of the same type.