Cooking overhaul

Recently I was thinking about how cooking is treated in game basically this are the ideas for the overhaul:

1 Step: addition of new qualities,modifications of existing tools and recipes examples:Baking quality, Frying quality,grilling quality, boiling quality

to add more complexity and a reason to get more than just a kitchen unity and a canning pot

2:Giving a reason to people making more expensive recipes other than living from wild vegetables,smoked meat and cornmeal for years

If you eat to much of a food it will start to lose its enjoyability the more you eat,if you stay some time without eating it will get it’s enjoyability

If the food has negative enjoyability you will eventually get a neutral enjoyability but not positive

Give me some other ideas I will start working on it day 18 of this month and I don’t know when I will end it so YAY gonna work on my favorite game during vacation :smiley:

This is a survival, RPG game. there are many reasons to not just eat one of three foods out of the many in the game. I’m not against this idea, but this does not strike me as a good reason.

I like your general ideas, but this one strikes me as a bit hard to justify/model in the context of a survival game. Being “bored” from food is itself a luxury easily ignored/forgotten in times of extreme need. Maybe the tiniest bit of penalty for the sake of realism, but a full-on “oh no, roasted vegetables again?” response from the character is a bit much :slight_smile:

In my opinion the boring food should only take place if you haven’t been starved for the last 2/3 weeks

If you have an steady source of food your body will stop seeing hunger as a problem and more like walk to the freezer,grab cornmeal, hotplate,fry cornmeal,eat

I mean, even if it IS a survival situation, you will still get tired of eating the same foods over and over again. So even though it is good that you HAVE something to eat, you will still not enjoy it as much if you’ve been eating it all the time. I hate green beans and if I had nothing but green beans to eat, I’d probably wait until I was pretty much starving to eat those green beans and I still wouldn’t enjoy them. How I see it, anyways.