Contradictions in triffid lore

I was reading the factions document trying to understand how rogue triffinds work and found several contradicting lines. Here they are:

Initially, after severing the connection to the Heart, triffids are functionally of one mind: they share all the same memories, feelings, and goals. Normally these independent triffids will soon rejoin the heart, long before there is any meaningful divergence in their thoughts and desires. It must be noted, this is fully desired by the triffids. There is no imposition of will on the triffid appendages and no master-slave relationship.

A rogue triffid has developed some individuality and no longer wishes to be subsumed to the Heart. Normally these triffids will be hunted down and killed, but many escape and wander on their own.

Rogue triffids are extremely vulnerable, with a human-level intelligence. They find themselves removed from every touchstone they once had, and ostracized by their communities.

triffids on CDDA-Earth are, in essence, young rich kids going on safari.

So, which is true? The first one says that triffids are willing participants, 2nd and 3rd suggest different level of coersion, and 4th says that hearts on Earth just don’t care. If there is no imposition of will and all memories are shared, how exactly a divergence can happen? And if synchronization isn’t perfect, how can they avoid divergences consistently? And what stops them from merging back if the conflict is resolved?

Of all the alien intelligences, the triffids are the most least alien in goals and mindset.

This is no longer true, the least incongruous alien intelligence are the Exodii.

Their technology and understanding of the universe is far closer to the blob than to us, and any tech they have is well past the “sufficiently advanced” threshold as to be essentially magic from our perspective, were we to attempt to study it.

They seek land, knowledge, power, and food, and as this dimension starts to crumble they’ll begin exporting livestock and resources back to whence they came.

Why do they need livestock and food back at home? I thought they were supposed to be super advanced civilization that no longer cares about basic needs, at least, in their core worlds. Also, what livestock? Don’t they hate herbivores?

I think the lines are merely badly worded.

I assume they have to sever the connection to the heart in order to travel (e.g to a nearby fungal structure, to fight it) and when their connection is severed, their thoughts begin to diverge.
This is when it becomes possible for triffids to become rogue. This usually does not happen because they are not gone for long and still go home because they want to.

However, the longer they are separated, the higher the chance they become rogue. See it as if the will of the heart degrades over time.

And if synchronization isn’t perfect, how can they avoid divergences consistently?

By making sure the triffids come home or simply do not leave. The latter sounds sinister but the heart needs plenty of them for upkeep of their structures and surroundings.

And what stops them from merging back if the conflict is resolved?

The heart. The rogue and now intelligent triffids want to keep their independence.

Apart from travel, I would expect triffids to use scouts (a sort of travel), and scouts can get cut off from returning the way they came. Also, the killing of a heart ought to result in a bunch of triffids that eventually become rogues. Presumably they might be able to join a nearby colony if they can get to it in time.

However, I don’t have any info that rogue triffids are implemented.

Well, large populations need food and resources, and harvesting it from a crumbing dimension might be easier than to harvest it from a “nearby” planet.