Contacting the USDA to get accurate nutrition information

Greetings, survivors.

I am working on a PR to add some more native plants and could not find any nutritional information about them. I searched far and wide but could not find any data.

I am mostly interested about mayapples and indian cucumber root. So I went to the site and asked them if they have any research on this. Unfortunately this specific employee did not, but they could refer me to Publication : USDA ARS and to ARS - the agricultural research service.

I will be asking about nutrition facts for:

  • Mayapple fruits
  • Indian cucumber root rhizome
  • Starry false solomon’s seal berries and rhizome

I will be contacting them shortly and hope they have any insights and I will be updating this post when I got an answer.

My question would be if those wild plants are appropriate though. The game is set in the US New England area, so plants not native to that area might not make the cut. I’ve never heard of any of them before, but admittedly I know next to nothing about wild plants or where they are naturally found. If they are native to the region, they could make for an interesting addition.

Rest assured, all of them are native to New England.