Confused by map coordinates

I have the first Hub01 mission listing the target at coordinate: 131, 124

And yet when I move the mouse over the red star symbol for the mission, the map coordinate at the right bottom of the screen shows: 0’131 and -1’56

I’m mightily confused by how coordinates are calculated on the overland map in fact … Somebody explains?

Yeah it seems there are 2 coordinate systems, one “internal” which we see in mission descriptions(e: and companion info) and which uses contiguous coordinates, and one “external” which is used on overmap itself and increments not at 999 but instead at 200-something or whatever. I don’t remember exact number.

Overmap is 180x180 cells.


I noticed the difference between the mission coords and overmap coords a while back, its definitely a bug of sorts, but idk how to fix it, not really an area I know well.