Computer Text Responses Too Fast To Read

The text of many computers is too fast for me to read. For example, I’ll download map data from a sewer system and four words will blur on the terminal screen and be gone. By constantly clicking “1. Download Sewer Maps” I can make out “Sewage map data downloaded.” But it’s like this for just about every computer response and is not always practical to rapidly click something like this manhack swarm.

A few computer terminals do not have this problem, such as the shelter starting computers which I suppose do not require a skill check to operate.

Happens to me on and off. Research logs are never messed up, but CBM manifests are sometimes borked, as well as some of the shorter messages.

Yeah, that’s right, the research logs aren’t messed up for me either, it’s mostly the shorter ones. Unfortunately, the shorter ones are often vitally important. I ended up giving myself +890 pain trying to figure out WTF was going on with the hospital somatic bone slurry >_>

Hey! I wasn’t the only one who kept shoving the pointy in his eye because he didn’t think it was doing anything!

28Jun had this problem with CBM manifests. Haven’t made it to an Amigara terminal to check it, but the rest of the Lab stuff seemed to work OK.